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VOL. 13 NO. 1, february 2014

Personalized medicine in the management of colorectal cancer


cancer survivorship plans

data quality and personalized medicine

second-line options for egfr- and alk-unmutated lung cancers


Highlights from the american society for hematology (ASH) meeting, the san antonio breast cancer symposium (SABCS), the american association for radiation oncology (astro), the world conference on lung cancer (wclc), the canadian association of nurses in oncology (cano/acio) conference and the canadian association of general practitioners in oncology (cagpo) annual meeting

Reports from ASH
anti-cd20 antibodies for cll patients with comorbidities

therapy options for fit cll patients

Reports from SABCS
role of local control in metastatic disease

advances in the management of metastatic her2 positive and triple negative breast cancer

Report from ASTRO
benefits of radiation post lumpectomy in women over 70

Reports from WCLC
results from the lung cancer mutation consortium (lcmc)

novel treatments to overcome tki resistance

Reports from CANO/ACIO
focus on family recovery in stem-cell transplant

nursing use of evidence

experience of the male spouse in breast cancer

Reports from CAGPO
a summary of cagpo presentations




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