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VOL. 9 No. 4, NOVEMBER 2010

Patient ethnicity and diversity research in Canada: One forecast of the future

Access to cancer care and oncology outcomes

Challenges in the assessment and management of cancer breakthrough pain

Literature-based followup recommendations.
Part 2: CNS, head and neck, genitourinary tract (excluding prostate), gynecologic, sarcomas, melanoma

Reports from ASCO, World Congress of Psycho-Oncology and CANO

BREAST CANCER: Sentinel node biopsy

BREAST CANCER: Impact of biology and socioeconomic status on outcome

PROSTATE CANCER: Role of denosumab in preventing skeletal -relat ed events

PROSTATE CANCER:Role of radiation in localy advanced prostate cancer

ONCOLOGY PRACTICE: Ambulatory IV chemotherapy

ONCOLOGY PRACTICE: Complementary and alt ernativ e medicine

PSYCHOSOCIAL CARE: Online resources for children

PSYCHOSOCIAL CARE: Suportive Expressive Group Therapy

SUPPORTIVE CARE: Remote symptom management suport





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