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Maintenance therapy in
advanced NSCLC

Encouraging approaches

The effects of androgen
deprivation on intimacy

Early interventions to minimize
emotional suffering

Controlling nausea and
vomiting in patients
undergoing chemotherapy

Toward more effective clinical practice
Funded by an unrestricted grant from
Merck Frosst Canada Ltd.

Predictive oncology comes
to colorectal cancer

Report from the 2008 Eastern
Canadian Colorectal Cancer
Consensus Conference

Five-year experience of McGill’s Adolescent and Young Adult Program
Challenges and successes

Review of important clinical trials with
commentaries by Canadian experts

The 50th American Society of Hematology Annual Meeting
Tyrosine kinase inhibitors in early chronic phase CML

Rituximab added to standard therapy in advanced CLL
Pentostatin replacing fludarabine in early CLL
Flavopiridol in relapsed CLL

The growing role of private sector payment for cancer care

Selected abstracts from the 2009 Annual Meeting of CAMO

Professional meetings roster
Your calendar dates for essential
conferences and symposia

New drugs and indications
A review of recent cancer therapy
approvals in Canada and the US


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