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Cervical cancer

Impending preventive vaccines and
currently available DNA tests mean
major changes to existing practices

Can foods combat cancer?
What epidemiological, laboratory,
animal and clinical studies show

Medical decision making
What the research shows about
patient preferences and the effects
of participation

Canadian clinical trials in
lung cancer

An insider’s view of the growing role
of the NCIC-CTG

Funded by an educational grant from AstraZeneca
Canada Inc.

Cover photo: Cervical cancer cell • s.gschmeissner/spl/publiphoto

Essential reading: research updates and commentaries
Review of important clinical trial data
recently presented at the 42nd Annual
Meeting of the American Society of
Clinical Oncology

neoadjuvant chemotherapy,
chemotherapy-related cardiotoxicity,
switching hormonal therapies,
hormonal therapies and bone health,
biological therapies and EGFR and
biomarkers predicting chemotherapy effect

Professional meetings roster
Your calendar dates for essential
conferences and symposia

New drugs and indications
A review of recent cancer therapy
approvals in Canada and the U.S.



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